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Our Mission

To transform and modernise
the business of law

Law is complex. Doing business in law doesn’t need to be. We are working towards providing the legal industry with the modern day tools that can fundamentally transform how legal services are delivered. We want to empower both law firms and legal departments to easily be able to collaboratively design, manage, and execute legal matters with greater accuracy and efficiency, with improved transparency and accountability, while maintaining positive working relations.

Creating technology to make us superhuman

Every great product has a great story

While we pride ourselves on beautiful technology that ‘just works’, behind the scenes, we’ve endured an endless marathon in coming to understand the problems we were tasked with solving:

Endless days. Zoom fatigue. Webex issues. 10+ law firm development partners. Over 1,000+ hours in discovery and design sessions. Complex regulatory environments. Compliance and security requirements of a major financial institution. Working with industry bodies. Obtaining partner and CEO buy-in. 500+ product and training demonstrations.

The buy-in we’ve obtained from industry has been phenomenal. The generous hours offered by our steering group partners in sharing their insight, battle-stories and visions of utopia, has allowed us to re-create and enhance the experience of the delivery and consumption of legal services between in-house teams and their law firms.

Discovery and Design Sessions
Lots of caffeine
Prototyping and Continuous Feedback
All nighters
Innovation Consortiums
“Hello, can you hear me” video conferences

A diverse and global team of doers

LegalEye, a LawAdvisor Ventures product, is built by a dedicated, diverse workforce spanning multiple countries, cultures.
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